photo Ideal places to hide tresures for geocaching in New York

Ideal places to hide tresures for geocaching in New York

Ideal places to hide tresures for geocaching in New York

Geocaching is an entertainment activity, which takes place outdoor. It consists of hiding and seeking treasures or caches at any specific locations in the world. In fact, the caches are hidden within specific geocache trails which are represented by geographic coordinates.

Geocache members use a GPS or a Smartphone application to seek the caches in the areas indicated by on the geographic coordinates. The caches may consist of a small or large waterproof plastic container, which contains a logbook and a trinket.

Once discovered, geocachers sign in the logbook, and place the cache back in its location. Geocaching has become a popular hobby in New York and in other states of the USA.

Where are the best places to hide caches in New York? In other words, if you want to hide treasures in New York, which places are ideal for geocaching? Here are a few geocache locations in New York. Most trails are accessible on a bicycle, and on wheelchair.

Ideal places for geocaching in New York

  • Allegheny River Valley: This top rated geocache trail is among the best locations to hide treasures in the county of Cattaraugus, New York. The site extends to over 8.1 miles, from War End Veterans Par to E. Union St and Bonaventure Road. You can ride your bicycle or walk along the scenic trail while geocaching at Allegheny River Valley. This geocache trail is also great for inline skating. 
  • Bethpage Bikeway: The site is on a panoramic landscape in the county of Nassau. The trail runs over 13.4 miles. It is among the best cache locations in New York. It extends from Trail View State Park at Woodbury Road to Merrick Road. The geocache trail is excellent for bike riding and inline skating. Geocache participants can enjoy the pleasant promenade along the asphalt road. 
  • Black Diamond: Go geocaching along the mountain in Tompkins. Discover the panoramic landscape with a waterfall while practicing your favorite hobby. The site extends to over an area of 8.4 miles, from Allan H. Treman State Marine Park to Taughannock Falls State Park. Geocache seekers can enjoy the pleasant walk along the unpaved track at Black Diamond. 
  • Black River: The site is endowed with a scenic landscape where tall trees grow and river flows. The trail extends from Watertown to Black River. The trail runs for 4.5 miles. It is really a lot of fun to enjoy geocaching at this scenic site. You can also enjoy fishing, bike riding and inline skating at Black River. 
  • Bog Meadow Brook Nature Ballast, dirt: The site is located in the ballast and dirt of Saratoga, New York. It extends from Lake Avenue at Old Schulerville Road to Meadowbrook Road. Geocache seekers can enjoy the good view of the landscape while practicing their favorite hobby. The trail is also excellent for fishing and cross country skiing.

Enjoy geocaching at the best trails in New York

Geocaching is a fun activity to spend your free time outdoor. So, go and find hidden caches at the most fascinating geocache sites in New York.

Most of the trails are located in the scenic landscape, where you can do other outdoor activities. If you want to go geocaching in New York from another state or another country, you need to find a flight to New York, and then drive to the geocache trail.

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