photo Do you know about geocaching ?
Do you know about geocaching ?

If you do not know geocaching, it is not too late to discover and take part in this unique and original game. Geocaching is a life-size scavenger hunt that is practiced using a GPS.

The goal is to reach precise coordinates and to try to find a hidden geocache (box). A must-do with friends or family, you will be sure to spend a fun and unforgettable moment.

Geocaching: what you need to know

Here are a few things you need to know before embarking into geocaching. Like the rules of the game or the tips for even more fun.

  •  To play, you must register, usually online, just type geocaching + the city where you want to play. You will see many proposals and all the information to participate. The majority of them will ask you to download a mobile application to access a map of the treasure hunt. Open the application and click on "map" to find geocaches and go search for them. Select the geocaches you want to make and save them to a list. Once the caches have been saved, go back to the home page of the application and click on "save". Go hunting
  •  The Caches: From "nano" size corresponding to the fingernail of the little finger to "wide" for a 20-liter bucket, they can be hidden almost everywhere: in the middle of town as well as in countryside.

In your geocache course you will meet three types of geocaches

  •  The traditional ones: the coordinates indicated on the site correspond to the exact place where the box is hidden.
  •  The multi-caches: Preliminary steps are to be carried out before arriving at the place of the cache. For example, you will have to go through a specific point indicated by the author in order to solve an enigma and to be able to go to the next step and so on to the final place where you will find the cache itself.
  •  Mystery caches: The coordinates of the cache are not communicated directly; it is up to you to determine them by solving an enigma on the site.
  • Difficulty and Terrain:The level of difficulty in finding a cache (or mystery for mystery caches) is evaluated from 1 to 5. 1 for a cache easily found at first glance and 5 for a cache requiring a lot of time and nerves of steel. The terrain has the same scale from 1 to 5. 1 for a cache easily accessible to the disabled and 5 for a cache requiring special equipment, a good knowledge of the type of terrain and experience (climbing, caving, diving)

An ideal game to leave home

Discovering a new city or rediscovering one's neighborhood and its surroundings is the main goal of geocaching. To change the ordinary while combining sport and solidarity, it is an excellent hobby. As a family, it is a great way to get out together and strengthen family ties. And, of course, this game can always be done alone to have fun without having to lock yourself at home.

Possibility to play anywhere

Whether you are on holidays or looking for a unique activity, geocaching has the distinction of being a global game. So, during your vacation, always try to see online if the country where you want to fly offers geocaching games.

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